A cancellation is one of the most serious cases a passenger can suffer, as it denies the right to fly under the conditions chosen and paid for. If the passenger has chosen an airline, out of many possible, and paid a price to fly under these specific conditions, then the airlines must compensation for the detriment.

This is why there are greater chances of claiming compensation than in the other types of incidents. The mere fact that a cancellation has occurred means not being able to fly, and it is not necessary to prove whether or not a cancellation existed, so it immediately implies there will be compensation if certain requirements are met.

The time you have lost, whether or not you were offered alternatives, if you have been given meals and offered accommodation, comes into play.

In what cases can compensation be reduced?

  1. Have you been offered alternative transportation? Compensation can then be reduced up to 50 %.
  2. Have you been provided with a place to rest? Compensation can then be reduced up to 50 %.