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 What are the requirements to claim?

In order to be able to claim under Regulation 261/2004, the affected flight must depart from any EU-owned airport (with any airline) or land at an EU airport (with an EU airline) or in Iceland, Norway or Switzerland.

This means a considerable combination of routes and routes. In the following chart you can better understand if your flight is entitled to obtain compensation, and is applicable to delay of more than 3 hours, cancellation and denied boarding.

European Airline

Non-european airline

With regard to economic indemnities, these are the amounts per person:
* Regarding cancellations, they will always be valid if they inform you less than two weeks in advance.
 What can I claim?

In all cases described above, the amounts established according to the case can be claimed (from 250 to 600 euros). Some airlines can add to the claim the costs caused by the delay / cancellation, to add them to the amount that will be received as compensation. In exceptional cases in which there are serious damages, send an email to For Airning to study the case and decide if it is better to start the claim by other means. Remember that in addition to the compensation you have the right to attend to the passenger while you wait. This includes:

  • Refreshments and food.
  • Hotel. (If you have had a cancellation or because of the delay you have to postpone the flight the next day).
  • Transfer to the hotel.
  • Phone calls.
 What does Airning need in order to claim?
Airning needs the following documents in order to claim:
  • ID/Passport of the people affected.
  • Scanned copy of the physical tickets of the flight.
  • Copy of online flight booking.
  • Authorization for Airning to act, completed and signed by each person affected.
  • Any information or documentation that you have on the part of the airline in relation to the problem occurred.
  • Justifications, tickets and other documents of unexpected expenses.
 Why does Airning need these documents?

Airning needs both the ID or Passport of each of the passengers affected by the flight, as well as the flight ticket, to prove to the airline that it is you who bought that flight and traveled in it, and that you have signed the authorization of transfer of rights.

All this is verified through the signature of your ID/Passport and flight data.

 How do I send the documentation?

All documentation can be attached through our website or sent to the address

The authorization can be signed online thanks to our electronic signature system.

It may be that during the course of the claim the airline requests more documentation. In that case, the customer service department will contact the customer to provide this information if possible.

 My ticket is a from a company, can I claim?

Airlines do not look at whether tickets have been purchased by companies. In the end, the one who travels is the end user, and that person is the one who will be entitled to compensation.

In any case if you have traveled with a ticket paid by the company on a flight that has suffered a mishap, you can claim for it, but our recommendation is that you talk to the company so you do not have problems about the money you will receive.

 What happens to my data once sent? Is your treatment and storage safe?

At Airning we not only protect your rights as a passenger, but also value your privacy, and act diligently with the treatment of your data. Airning complies with the existing data protection regulations established by the Spanish Data Agency and current Spanish regulations. Therefore, all our workers have signed a confidentiality agreement with the processing of this data, and we make available to the user their rights of access, modification, rectification, cancellation and opposition to the data previously provided.

It's as easy as sending an email to and we will handle your request!

 What is a transfer of rights document? Why does Airning need it?

A document of assignment of rights or authorization is a document with full legal validity that allows Airning to act on your behalf to represent you in the best way before the airline. In this way, the airline knows that you have entrusted your claim to a company specialized in claims and takes your demands more seriously, because you know you can not ignore us, as they do with many passengers.

We need you to show the company that we act with your consent and that from now on your rights are in good hands. In this way, the company will be obliged to respect you and accede to our requests.

 Can I file the claim on behalf of a third party?

Of course! In order to be able to file a claim on behalf of another person first that person must have been on a flight that has suffered a delay, cancellation or denied boarding, and we will need to see that the other person has authorized you first to That you act on your behalf by delegating your claim to us.

Therefore, we will need two authorizations: the first, that third person has done to you to act on his behalf in relation to this matter, and the second, which we will facilitate you to authorize us to act on behalf of both.


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