Claim for Flight Delay

One of the most common cases that result in claim and compensation by passengers and for which the airlines respond is undoubtedly the fact of suffering a delay in the flight

There are many conditions that affect the time to claim about this type of incidence. Depending on the distance of the return or the waiting time at the airport you will be entitled to different indemnities.

In any case, the company, as long as it causes the following delays

  • + Delay of more than 2 hours for short distance.
  • + Delay of more than 4 hours for long distance.
  • + Delay of more than 3 hours for short distance.
  • + Delay of more than 3 hours for long distance.

Should offer the following options:

  • a) Sufficient food and refreshments, depending on the time needed to wait.
  • b) Accommodation in the following situations :
    • - When it is necessary to spend one or more nights.
    • - In that it is necessary an additional stay to the one anticipated by the passenger.
  • c) Transportation between the airport and the place of accommodation (hotel or other).

In addition, airlines should offer passengers two phone calls, telex or fax messages, or e-mails free of charge

In case the airline does not fulfill its obligations and there is a delay of more than 3 hours you can make your claim here: