Compensation with Airning


 Is the compensation collected subject to tax?

The legislation of each country is different but in principle the compensation collected is not subject to taxes. Also the amounts are not high (from 250 to 600 euros per person).

Airning makes a bank transfer to the customer for the full amount of the claim minus the success fees, which are 25% + VAT (Value Added Tax) of this amount.

In any case, consult with an accountant or a tax adviser in your country of residence as to whether a transfer as a claim is considered an equity gain.

 How much does Airning charge for its services?

Airning operates under the "No Win No Fee" policy, ie Airning will only have a successful commission if the airline indemnifies the passenger for the claim filed on their behalf. Airning will never charge the passenger any concept if the claim is not obtained, nor to start the process.

Thus, Airning assumes the initial costs and only applies to the passenger a commission on success, which is 25 % + VAT of the total amount recovered.

There are no surcharges or extra charges, Airning will charge once you have paid the customer the corresponding compensation.

 The airlines pays me or Airning?

By authorizing Airning to act on your behalf, Airning is in charge of handling the claim, and therefore the one receiving compensation in Your name on behalf of the company. When you sign the authorization you also receive a payment commitment, where Airning agrees to pay your compensation if the compensation is charged by the airline.

In addition, for logistical and work reasons it is much easier for the airline to pay Airning first, and for the customer easier as well, since Airning directly receives the total amount, after deducting Airning’s success fees, And you do not have to make a transfer to Airning for the amount of your fees.

 How do I receive the money?

You will always receive from Airning a bank transfer to the account that you have provided to us and that is your property, for the total amount of the claim, minus our success fees.

Together with this transfer we will send to your email the invoice of our services and proof of payment, so you can check the data and speak with the bank if a problem arises.

 When will I get the money?

Once the airline has entered the amount of the indemnities, we will notify you by email or we will call you because we will proceed to payment of the same. To do so at that time or previously you must provide us with an account number that is your property where you want us to make the transfer.

When we have these data we will make the transfer. Fast and easy!


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