When am I entitled to compensation?

  • Claim for flight delay
  • Claim for flight cancellation
  • Overbooking

Compensation and distances

The rights of the passenger establish a relationship between the distance of the flight and the economic compensation

Compensation and distances

In which am I not entitled to compensation?

  • Cancellation due to circumstances that are considered extraordinary (adverse weather, etc.).
  • If you were informed of the delay at least two weeks in advance
  • If you were offered an alternative to the same route with a similar schedule

Airlines are required to keep passengers informed at all times if flights suffer delays, cancellations, etc., but…

They often just do not do it (they find it cheaper). The delay of a flight can be due to diverse reasons, from the lack of personnel available to mechanical problems. The technical problems that cause the cancellation or delay of flights do not constitute "extraordinary circumstances" that could exempt the liability of the airline! (Although some of them may try to convince you that they do).

Defending your rights before an airline can be difficult, have our experts in air claims do it for you!

+ European rights for air passengers
+ EU Legation
+ Regulation EC/261 2004

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If you have suffered some of these incidents in the last 5 years, you can claim and are entitled to financial compensation.

Rights Delay

Claim for a delayed flight

If you have suffered more than 3 hours of delay.

Rights Cancelled

Claim for a cancelled flight

Without previous notice from the airline.

Rights Overbooking

Overbooking Claim

No alternative route option.